The Stanley No. 7 Part 1

With getting more and more knowledge of “Unplugged” Woodworking I am enjoying hunting down the tools of old. Recently I came across this Stanley No. 7 (Made in England) at a market here in Cape Town. Great find, even better price. From a very quick internet search and a few questions asked on Facebook it looks as though it can be dated back to the 1970s.

From a restoration point of view it doesn’t technically need too much done to it, a little rust here and there. But where is the fun in that, right?
So here is my plan:

  • De-rust the the chip breaker and polish it up.
  • Polish up the cap lever.
  • De-rust the iron/blade. Flatten the back and sharpen the hell out of it. (This could take quite some time as the cutting edge has quite a slant to it)
  • Sand down the knob and totes and treat with boiled linseed oil.
  • Polish the brass nut for the tote and hopefully find another one for the knob.
  • Remove Jappaning and rust from the main body.
  • Paint

For removing the rust on most parts I will use the good old vinegar bath to get things going. Some steel wool after that should bring it up a charm. Removing the rust and Jappaning from the body could be a little more complicated. That Jappaning finish is a bugger to remover, I recently worked on the Whitmore Plane and I tried alsorts to remove the Jappaning on that from paint stripper to heat guns. Eventually I used a brass wire brush on the drill press which took forever and a day. I have read that electrolysis is a great way to clean up the rust and in most cases remove the Jappaning too. I shall play around with this but not on the No 7 first. I have a spokeshave with a broken handle that can be the guinea pig for that.

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